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Dear Friend, 

What you should know today is that you are enough. Just as you are. Exactly where you are. 

I know life's catching you lately, rushing you from place to place and making you worry about all of the thousands of things you're responsibly being completely irresponsible about. It's OK. We all feel that way sometimes, and the truth is, you've still got it. 

Remember, transitions are always harder - job-to-job, structure to summer, leaving the known and venturing into the unknown. And while it may feel right now like you're hanging by one arm reaching just short of that next monkey bar, swing a little harder and focus on what's next. Before long, you'll be balancing again between two strong hands.

You know the ones - they are tough enough for a dishwater commercial, careful enough to pull teeth, warm enough to calm little ones afraid. They pound the keyboard all day at work, sort piles of laundry before you rush out the door and suddenly relax when held safely by the one you love.

Trust them. They carry you for a reason. 

And speaking of carrying - that weight you've got on your shoulders? It's making you stronger. I know you feel weak under its pressure, but also know that we see your courage, your tenacity and your serious ability to kick some ass and stand tall beneath it when the moment arises. 

When the struggle is real, though, know it's OK to let the tears fall. To take a second shower in your day just because you need the space. To force everyone else to bed early just because you need to breathe. Odds are they needed the sleep anyway. 

All I ask is that you don't let those moments break your spirit. Don't let the tears or the guilt or the worry catch that fast-paced, focused heart of yours. Don't let the loneliness that comes, even when you're surrounded by such big hearts, let you feel like you are without a home. 

You are home. Exactly where you are meant to be in exactly the moment you are meant to be in it. Only you can decide how turn this home into your own - one that lets in your incredible light, your colorful approach to life, your welcoming way with all you meet. Focus not on what that home is lacking - see instead how incredibly able you are to create just exactly what this world needs. 

And please remember, that when your week has been too much, your heart has been too weary and your hands are tired of carrying, I am here. Big fat grandma arms wide open, believing in you every step of the way. 


kate j

About Over Coffee.

All too often, work/family/life schedules make it nearly impossible to simply have a cup of coffee with friends. We schedule, reschedule, cancel and say "soon"! I look forward to slower days when we can make that happen more regularly, but in the meantime, it seemed a shame to waste the words I really want to say to these amazing people I'd love to be snuggled up in a booth with ... right now.