We're just your average high school sweethearts - an old fixer upper, white picket fence, a boy and a girl with a boy and a girl - who also happened to toss in farm life, working mama, family business and cystic fibrosis. 

As you'll quickly see, though, the farmer and I fit right into Merriam-Webster under "oxymoron" - you know, right next to jumbo shrimp.

We're complete opposites in just about as many ways as we can find, and just when I think we're starting to become more alike, one of us picks a fight. Because ... balance.

He works the dirt, and I deliver fast food in heels. I'm packing Bobbi Brown Red, and he's got a constant stash of Burt's Bees.

We're 20+ years in, just doing our thing, and bound by the one thing neither of us is willing to stop doing ... dreaming.

We're constant dream chasers, and while we rarely share a dream, we've learned over the years that if we give God and the Universe enough time, everything winds us back together in just the way we could never have expected.